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"I love the fact that the economics have changed to the point where you can sell a few thousand albums and still make a profit from it."
--Thomas Dolby
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Interstellar PDF Print E-mail
Written by David T. Lindsay   
ImageInterstellar [PG-13]: When food sources are depleted, necessity requires that a former pilot, now a farmer who robotizes columbine tractors, join independent scientists to find a new home. But since junk science has been embraced by educators and red tape bureaucrats who encourage “caretakers” instead of technicians, the mission to escape a dying world may have other ramifications. In a similar vein to last year's Gravity, with science cast into the dustbin, the movie mirrors today's doubters that promote Apollo as nothing more than propaganda to bankrupt the Soviets and “global warming” as an unquestionable fact.
Nightcrawler PDF Print E-mail
Written by David T. Lindsay   
ImageNightcrawler [R]: As Lou Bloom, a self invented Weegee-esque news hound, Jake Gyllenhaal retraces his role from Zodiac as an off-kilter fringe figure in the sunken morass of fading morality. “If it bleeds, it leads” has become the modern day mantra of TV news gathering organizations and once combined with Lou’s insatiable instability to become the “go-to” guy for sensationalistic gore, he starts to alter crime scenes for a better vantage shot. Gyllenhaal builds tension with his deceptive look of unease  which hides a more sinister purpose.
Big Hero 6 PDF Print E-mail
Written by David T. Lindsay   
ImageBig Hero 6 [PG]: After the untimely death of his older brother, Hiro, a boy genius with a penchant for illegal robot battles, is left to supervise an inflatable healthcare assistant designed to respond to "ouch." Named Baymax, he’s huge, clumsy and looks as though Casper the Friendly Ghost got stuffed into the Japanese TV robot Gigantor. Joining with his brother’s lab partners, they don suits to fight a masked villain who stole Hiro's micro-bot technology.  In a year of superior animated features from BoxTrolls to The Nut Job, Big Hero 6 carries the message home that failure is the prelude to success.
Georgia Music News 11/17/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Clark   
ImageFirst Brent Hinds posted a snapshot on Mastodon’s Facebook page of himself with some of the young cast members of Game of Thrones at the Sonisphere Festival. Now we’ve gotten news that the band’s going to being filming scenes as extras in HBO’s fantasy drama. Whenever we hear when the episode in question will run, we’ll let you know…

Drive-By Truckers are releasing a live DVD and LP titled Black Ice Verite on Nov. 18th, recorded on Snowpocalypse Night in February at the 40 Watt. The DVD is also thrown in as part of an expanded CD version of their 12th album, English Oceans, coming out the same day. English Oceans Deluxe will additionally include extra live tracks unavailable elsewhere.

Triathalon are a fun little four-piece band from Savannah with a mishmash of surf, garage, power-pop and psych elements. In short, they slather on the reverb liberally. If their new album, Lo-Tide is any indication (and why wouldn’t it be?), they sound like they could turn any given show into a makeshift beach party, so why doncha plan on kicking up some sand at the Mammal Gallery when they dash into town on Friday, Nov. 21st.  

Anti- Records (Neko Case, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, etc.) will be issuing Curtis Harding’s debut album Soul Power in Europe come January, and in advance of it Harding is embarking a 20-date European tour that begins this Thursday in the Netherlands and concludes with a Dec. 12th date in Copenhagen.

Betty Butt is dead. Jamie Moore, an original member of the dance group the Twerk Team, credited with popularizing the ass-centric twerking dance craze via YouTube postings and their appearances in videos by Wocka Flocka Flame and Three 6 Mafia, was shot in the head last Wednesday, Nov. 12th in an apartment complex in Smyrna, in the midst of an alleged drug deal. Three male suspects were apprehended shortly afterward when their car flipped during a police chase. Moore, 24, was known as Betty Butt in the group, which started in 2005, alongside her fellow dancers Mizz Twerksum and Lady Luscious. She left the group in 2011.

Futo, the one-man electro-mope project of Patrick Brick, will play Live at WREK this Tuesday, Nov. 18th on 91.1 FM in Atlanta.

Atlanta musician Chelsea Dunn performs on Live in the Lobby this Tuesday, Nov. 18th… Rambunctious Athens dorks Deep State play the same show on Thursday, Nov. 20th… Showcasing live sets from local musicmakers of all stripes, Live in the Lobby airs most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. on WUOG, 90.5 FM in Athens.
The Better Angels PDF Print E-mail
Written by David T. Lindsay   
ImageThe Better Angels [NR]: Slo-mo expressionist black & white film in the Carl Dreyer mode offers an uncanny glimpse at pioneer life in Indiana circa 1817 as the impoverished but intelligent son of a deceased family takes up with neighbors. It shows how cooking is a physical chore and school is concerned with reading and religious upbringing as inquisitive minds sneak time to read Pilgrim's Progress because they hope for more than what the backwoods provide. With dialogue such as “The cows ate the poison weed – and we got milk sick,” it’s an uphill struggle to see tomorrow in this time of transition from rural life to organized secession.
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