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"The Go-Betweens – and maybe The Saints – are the only real indie music tradition we have in Australia. It's more of an AC/DC heavy rock culture."
--Elizabeth Morris (Allo Darlin')
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The Giver PDF Print E-mail
Written by David T. Lindsay   
ImageThe Giver [PG-13]: The dazed stupor of the hysterical do-gooders who foster racism while calling for censorship disguised as fair play find the fruits of their labor realized in director Phillip Noyce’s adaptation of Lois Lowry’s 1993 children’s classic, The Giver.

After the Ruin, boundaries were set to achieve “true equality” that hinged on “precise” language and curfews. By eliminating all differences that can cause suffering to others, the goal of this futuristic community is to avoid hatred and war. But for a price!

The film begins in black & white at the Ceremony of Growth where those of a certain age are assigned a purpose designed to help them “fit in.”

Owing a huge debt to both Ayn Rand’s Anthem and Huxley’s Brave New World, there have been other dystopian films such as Equilibrium and Harrison Bergeron that show a not-too-distant future where emotion has been eradicated in the attempt to guarantee there being no losers, that no one achieves popularity more so than anyone else so that everyone measures up to a sameness – no better off than anyone else.

It doesn’t sound like the not-too-distant future. It sounds like last week. Especially when you take into account that for complete obedience, one of the first distractions eliminated is music! Shades of Georgia Public Broadcasting!

Equality is reached via the “Sameness” which prohibits vague language. Believe me, I know a little something about individual expression and how those whose goal is to control all dialogue and see themselves as the arbiters of correctness always claim they don’t believe in censorship yet pretend to warn others that they need to “watch what they say”! Such infractions in The Giver will earn the violator the classification of “gone elsewhere,” and as was learned from Anthony Fremont in The Twilight Zone’s “It’s a Good Life,” unhappy thoughts can send you to the cornfield!

Chosen as the next Receiver of Memory, Jonas is to be trained to become the guardian of the past (before the Sameness) in order to aid in the elders’ decisions. He’s instructed to not discuss his training with anyone. Troubles arise when it becomes apparent to him that this world that’s been accepted isn’t always fair.

I remember years ago when an American in Manila was caught in the act of vandalizing cars. Convicted, he was sentenced to bamboo caning, which caused an American outcry that this was barbaric! Nope – true barbarism was his failure to respect private property! There are no human rights without property rights.

Again, for those with the “progressive” brain aneurysm: there are no human rights without property rights!

What does it benefit an individual to be designated as the beneficiary of “human rights” if his property can be seized by Imminent Domain? Or his bank account confiscated and redistributed? If his home is burned to the ground? His business looted – robbed for cigars or gold? If allowed unchallenged, what’s to keep the looter satisfied with mere property? What if he returns to demand your life? The issue in the real world is that some are permitted, out of a sense of injustice or envy, to sacrifice others.

In The Giver, though the elders abhor war and hatred, they find it necessary to use force against rebellious voices so they maintain a military police force. Yet we live in a world where those who claim to oppose war re-elect one who promised to end war only to redeploy air strikes later on!

Any word recognized as “hurtful” to another is treated as being insensitive. In The Giver, words like “family” or “love” are considered too vague and therefore it is required that “precise” language be used so that everyone will understand what’s being said.

With any dystopian future, the threat is not only that speech is restrained but that the mind itself becomes inflexible, unable or unwilling to see contradictions.

We learn that Jonas isn’t the first to have been prepared to remember the beforetimes, as his guide still mourns a previous trainee named Rosemary (played by Taylor Swift) who’s “gone elsewhere.”

As their past is revealed, the film uses black & white footage that slowly shifts into color as Jonas sees the bland nature fostered by the Sameness awaken desires and nurture his inquisitive spirit.

What does it matter if brutes and bullies fail to understand that what they steal today will be paid for by their own starvation tomorrow? The real world will leave them behind. Nor should any notice be made for those rushing toward the return of primitive hard labor because they will be first to complain.

As in The Giver, it’s best to let reality respond. It always does.
Georgia Music News 08/25/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Clark   
ImageAs a promotional stunt coinciding with the Aug. 5th release of their new album Time Stands Still, the five members of Family Force 5 were locked into five separate rooms (all on YouTube video, mind you), and their fans were then left with the task of “freeing” them individually by mass tweeting about their favorite band member, be it “Fatty,” “Hollywood,” “Nadaddy,” “Crouton” or “Chap Stique.” (Seriously.) Regrettably, the quintet of idiots was, indeed, eventually let loose from their padded cells, which only means that they’re likely to return to the studio at some point to record yet another shit-smeared travesty, although it’d be a major task to come up with something even sorrier than this current one. They be representin’ the ATL with an in-yo-face smash-up of rock, rap, dance and mall-punk, and as such, may encapsulate the absolute worst aspects of modern day popular music all in a single band.

Hyperspace do the whole Dorky McDork thing, like a pimply teenage basement rumpus where the hardest elixir is Fanta Orange straight outta the can and Green Day plays a spazzy set consisting solely of Bowling for Soup covers. Speaking of covers, the Atlanta trio tackles the Vaselines’ “Molly’s Lips” (probably better known from the Nirvana version) on their new CD, Going Plaid, but the title of the original song that precedes it, “Geeks in Love,” tells you all you need to know.

Chris Piskun, an Atlanta-based guitarist and drummer who played in James Hall’s band The Futura Bold, passed away the morning of Aug. 24th. His heart had developed an infection that progressively spread to other organs. Our condolences go out to his family and multitude of friends.

This year’s batch of inductees into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame include Lady Antebellum, Francine Reed, Ed Roland (Collective Soul were already inducted in 2009), Wet Willie, comedian Jeff Foxworthy (spoken word category – is that a new thing this year?), DB Recs founder and co-proprietor of Wax N Facts Danny Beard (non-performer category) and, posthumously, blues musician Sean Costello, Southern gospel singer Wally Fowler, composer Eddie Horst, Famous Flames founder Bobby Byrd and original Capricorn Records co-owner Frank Fenter. Interesting to note that, aside from the B-52s, none of the Georgia bands so strongly championed by Beard on DB has yet to be recognized by the GMHF. Awards show is Oct. 11th at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Rizzudo’s playing what they’re promising is their final show this Thursday, Aug. 28th at The EARL. The Liverhearts and the Purkinje Shift open.

Atlanta-based free improv ensemble In Sonitus Lux will feature guitarist Jason Robert Elliott of Spirits and the Melchizedek Children during their Live at WREK performance this Tuesday, August. 26th. Live at WREK airs at 10 p.m. Tuesdays on 91.1 FM, Georgia Tech’s student station.

Black Paradise, isn’t that the town motto of Ferguson, Missouri? Apparently it’s also the name of a so-lo-fi-it’s-nearly-not-there band of wispy meanderers from Athens, and they’re demonstrating what it is they do this Tuesday, Aug. 26th on Live in the Lobby…  Recently rebooted outfit Smokedog does the same show on Thursday, Aug. 28th… Live in the Lobby showcases local acts most every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. on WUOG, 90.5 FM in Athens.
A Letter to Momo PDF Print E-mail
Written by David T. Lindsay   
ImageA Letter to Momo [NR]: Moisture droplets unleash guardian goblins into a lonely little girl’s life until her dad’s spirit can reach the Above. Though trained to slurp livers and bite off heads, the three goblins – Iwa, Kawa and Mame – would rather eat melons and create mischief in director Hiroyuki Okiura’s tale of a family coming to terms with the loss of their loved one as mother and daughter grow apart. The scene where the goblins steal boar babies and get chased by the parents is a highlight.
Radio Hour Playlist 08/24/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Clark   
King Tuff - "Eyes on the Muse"
Ty Segall - "Susie Thumb"
The Wytches - "Digsaw"
Allah-Las - "Had It All"
Cold Specks - "Bodies at Bay"
My Brightest Diamond - "Before the Words"
J Mascis - "Every Morning"
Martin Carr - "The Santa Fe Skyway"
David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights - "Some Things You Don't Get Back"
The Rosebuds - "Walking"
Chuck Prophet - "Lonely Desolation"
Jenny Lewis - "She's Not Me"
Avi Buffalo - "So What"
Mirel Wagner - "The Devil's Tongue"

The Muffs - "I Get It"
The Raveonettes - "Sisters"
Beach Day - "Lost Girl"
Cymbals Eat Guitars - "Chambers"
Roadkill Ghost Choir - "No Enemy"
Floating Action - "Couldn't Be Yourself"
The New Pornographers - "Fantasy Fools"
Spoon - "They Want My Soul"
Sara Rachele - "Devil That I Know"
Merchandise - "Little Killer"
Billy Joe Shaver - "Hard to Be an Outlaw"
Howe Gelb - "Vortexas"
Spider Bags - "Back With You Again in the World"

The Stomp and Stammer Radio Hour
Sundays 3-5pm Eastern
WMLB, 1690 AM Atlanta

Thanks for listening!
Get On Up PDF Print E-mail
Written by David T. Lindsay   
ImageGet On Up [PG-13]: Chadwick Boseman! Chadwick Boseman! After appearing as Jackie Robinson, actor Boseman brings both the squeal and the thrill to what made James Brown the hardest working man in show business! An astounding performance that is neither gimmicky nor mimicry in this Mick Jagger production of the life of the Godfather of Soul. Opening with a reenactment of the infamous 1988 incident where Brown shoots into the roof of the building he owned followed by a chase and arrest, the film never pulls any punches – though it feels like it’s skimming the surface because so much is covered, pacing through his days at Federal and early Apollo appearances up through the T.A.M.I. Show where Brown has to condense his three-hour show into twenty minutes for a predominately white audience while playing second fiddle to the Rolling Stones! Director Tate Taylor captures the drive behind the monumental entertainer whose mother left him due to an abusive father. Best known for his ’60s hits "I Feel Good" and "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag," it’s his adaptability throughout the ’70s and ’80s that left an impression on everyone from Michael Jackson to hip hop. Possibly the best musical biopic in a long time because of its casting and dedication to getting the facts right, the soundtrack spans his career. Interesting note: when I saw Brown live he thanked all the deceased musicians like Johnny Ace and John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd...wait, Ackroyd is still alive! And he plays his manager in this film!
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