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"I don't know much about poker, except what I learned from Motorhead."
--Wes Freed
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Written by Gregory Nicoll   
ImageDavid Honigsberg
The Pattern
[Loop Dog Music]
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A solo recording by The Don't Quit Your Day Job Players' singer/guitarist, a New York-based rockin' rabbi who was bending notes on Fender guitars back before Matisyahu was circumcised. The initial riff of his disc-opening "If You Love Me" sounds so much like the theme from The Banana Splits that it's bound to induce Cap'n Crunch sugar-shock flashbacks, although its lyrics actually address the much more mature theme of marital discord. That unsettling thread runs through much of this CD and culminates with "There Must Be a Better Way," a wrenching breakup song wrought with grim, telling details, and told from the perspective of a guy who's been quite unexpectedly jilted. On a much lighter note is "Rich White Man's Blues," a hidden bonus track co-written by noted science-fiction scribe Esther Friesner, which concludes the 13-song set on an amusingly playful note. Honigsberg lets down his considerable long hair and rolls out a wailing electric 12-bar lament that begins, "I got me a good woman, she's an orthodontist too/I went an' bought her a Volvo, station wagon colored blue..."
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