"This was a time when there was a wide, wide open field. I've always been a flamboyant dresser, so that part was easy. Being in a rock band was just easy for me. Of all the things I like to do, it's perfect."
--Hope Nicholls (Fetchin Bones)
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Written by Jeff Clark   
ImageIn the context of the Atlanta music scene, Baby Baby stick out like a boner at a Cell 16 meeting. Out of step with every movement currently considered “cool” in the city, be it power-pop, garage-punk, rap/hip-hop, electronic or extreme metal, they’re generally disregarded as a grating annoyance by most self-important participants, tastemakers and observers within the local scene. Yet they continue on, undaunted, doing their scrappy, bug-eyed, stoopid, shouty and oftentimes shirtless fusion of funk, rock and punk for fans who care not about rank in the local hierarchy. So, being often hated and dismissed myself, I can relate to their position, and I admire their tenacity. Do I like their music? Uh… not really. I will say that it’s definitely better absorbed in brief doses – a song here, a song there. Over the course of their new CD, Big Boy Baller Club, their relentless need to project a frantic tempo and non-stop up-in-your-face energy quickly grows (yep) grating and annoying. The humor seems subdued this time around (either that or I don’t “get” it), the ideas seem tired and with so little variation, nothing really stands out. I guess that makes me just another hater, except I’m not – I sorta like these guys, I just wish they weren’t so one-dimensional. Release show is Saturday, April 5th at the Drunken Unicorn, which I guess is still protesting S&S by withholding its schedule from our free calendar listings. Yeah, that sure makes some sense…

While they really should’ve named the band Sledgehammer (maybe it was taken?), 68-75 does at least convey a sense of where the band is at, as far as the time period and influences they draw from most heavily. A far more confident and convincing serving of their bluesy/soulful hard rock than their debut CD, the whole band rocks balls on the new Stay on the Ride, but certainly guitarist Andrew Cylar and lead belter Suzanne Sledge are the clear standouts and deserved centerpiece of the group. The songs are basically regurgitations of every Zeppelin, Humble Pie and Bad Co. recording you’ve ever heard, and the lyrics amount to an assembly line of tired tight bellbottoms/fringe jacket/strut-my-stuff ‘70s arena rock clichés. Hey, I didn’t say they were original, not in the least. But they do rock balls, certainly more so than the Black Crowes have for a long time doing basically the same damn thing. At Smith’s this Thursday.

I ended up with a CD by The Halls of Jupiter in my pocket after one recent night out in the rock clubs. How it got there, I don’t remember. I can tell you that Launching the Sun is a fairly uninspired five-song sampling of mainstream modern rock. Painfully serious, with a sensitive side. Professionally played and recorded. The kind of group that you might see opening for Dream Theater or a Whitesnake tribute band. Or at Vinyl this Friday night…

Jason Kenney is a feel-good acoustic singer-songwriter whose songs are like early morning Sunday service at a dirt road country church. Turn This Sorrow Into Joy, his first CD, was recorded and produced by John Keane, who’ll be in his band at the release show, April 5th at the Holly Theater in Dahlonega, along with Leah Calvert, Ike Stubblefield and others. Who knows – if Amy Ray’s in town, maybe she’ll show up, since she’s on the CD too.

On the eve of the release of their new album, Cope, Manchester Orchestra perform on The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, March 31st... Albany, Georgia spawn Phillip Phillip visits Conan on Tuesday, April 1st.

Offbeat songman Beau Victrola is scheduled to play Live at WREK this Tuesday, April 1st, unless it’s some sort of April Fool’s prank. Showcasing local bands and solo musicians, Live at WREK airs nearly every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on 91.1 FM in Atlanta, the Georgia Tech student station.

Celebrating the release of his stupendous new album Disquietude, Don Chambers plays Live in the Lobby this Tuesday, April 1st. Electronic/ambient duo Snowbride performs on the same show on Thursday, April 3rd. Featuring local musical talent in an intimate live setting, Live in the Lobby airs nearly every Tuesday and Thursday on the University of Georgia’s student station, WUOG, 90.5 FM in Athens.
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